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What Is Candida Die-Off (And How To Cope With It)?

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    Candida Die-Off, otherwise known as a Herxheimer reaction, is what occurs when lots of Candida cells in your body are killed very quickly. You’re probably thinking, “This is a good thing, right?”. Well it certainly means that your treatment is working, but it can also lead to some nasty side effects that you need to be aware of. So what happens if your Candida treatment plan works too fast and you kill lots of yeast cells very quickly?

    Candida releases up to 79 different byproducts, many of them toxic. Normally these are released slowly from the yeast cells into your bloodstream, where they cause the fatigue, brain fog and other symptoms that you’re already aware of. However when a yeast cell is killed, whether by an antifungal destroying its cell wall or by your course of probiotics, all these toxins stored in the cell are released at once. Multiply this effect by the millions of Candida cells that you are trying to destroy, and you can see how the toxic load on your body can become overwhelming.

    Candida Die-Off symptoms will vary from person to person, as each of us suffers from different degrees of overgrowth. If you are having severe Die-Off symptoms, this means that the Candida toxins are overpowering your liver. Fortunately there are many ways to prevent a severe Die-Off reaction, and there are also simple methods to reduce the Die-Off symptoms if you do experience them.


    Symptoms of Candida Die-Off

    There are a few things to look out for to know if you are experiencing Candida Die-Off. It’s not as easy as simply looking at a list of symptoms, because the symptoms of Die-Off tend to be non-specific and flu-like. A typical Die-Off experience would involve some combination of headaches, fever, swollen glands, sweating, skin breakouts, itchiness and joint pain.

    If you have just started your Candida treatment, or recently increased your dosage of probiotics and antifungals, you may be suffering from Die-Off. Even if you have switched to a different brand of probiotics or are trying a different antifungal, these changes may also trigger a Die-Off reaction.


    How to avoid Candida Die-Off

    The easiest way to avoid a Die-Off reaction is to start slowly with your Candida treatment and wait for a short period before introducing each element. If you start to experience some Die-Off symptoms, you can simply cut back your dosage for a few days before starting to raise it again. For example if you plan to take a course of probiotics and separate 3 antifungals, try introducing the probiotics first, then staggering the antifungals over the next week or so.

    You can also reduce the chances of Die-Off by taking your supplements as far apart as possible during the day. So if you take your probiotics in the morning, you should take your antifungals in the afternoon.

    Lastly, you can take some of the supplements mentioned below as a precautionary measure, before you even experience Die-Off symptoms. If you start taking molybdenum or Detox Drops at the beginning of your treatment plan, you can improve your liver function and give your body the very best chance to process and expel the Candida toxins.


    Supplements to help with Candida Die-Off

    This list of supplements is similar to those found on our cleansing page. Why is this? Well, we’re really trying to do exactly the same thing – cleanse your body of excess toxins. They mostly work by supporting your liver function and enabling your body to expel the toxins by itself. You can also try alternative therapies like sauna, skin brushing and contrast showers.


    Candidate is a 100% herbal solution that helps your liver remove toxins more quickly from your body. It contains pot marigold, pau d’arco and lemongrass.

    NAC 600mg With Molybdenum

    Molybdenum supports your liver by converting acetaldehyde (a toxin released by Candida) into acetic acid. This can then be excreted from the body like any other toxin. Acetaldehyde is perhaps the most harmful toxin released during Candida Die-Off.

    Detox Drops

    Detox Drops is a supplement that promotes the healthy functioning of your liver. It contains three herbal supplements that help the liver to eliminate toxins from your body.


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